6th edition - 2016

International Art Book and Film Festival

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Avant l’Avant-Garde. Du jeu en photographie, 1890-1940

by Clément Chéroux (Textuel, 2015)

Impondérable, Les Archives de Tony Oursler

by Tony Oursler (JRP Ringier / Fondation Luma, 2015)

Images Take Flight : Feather Art in Mexico and Europe

by A. Russo, G. Wolf, D. Fane (Hirmer Publishers, 2016)




Malpartida - Fluxus Village

by María Pérez (2015, 73’, Prod : prod Smiz & Pixel, Agencia Audiovisual Freak)

Ex aequo
- A
ction Space, by Huw Wahl (2016, 86’, Prod : Huw Wahl and Amanda Ravetz)

- Tony Conrad, Completely In The Present, by Tyler Hubby (2016, 95’, Prod : Burning Bridges)



Kenneth Goldsmith   /   Bertrand Lavier

Honour Guest
Michel Houellebecq

He is a french literature precursor, especially for his descriptions of occidental human's sentimental and sexual misery and for his intertextual style mixing several speeches. He received the Goncourt Prize in 2010 and is often considered for the following years. He is also poet in addition of writer, actor, cineast, scenarist and singer. He always discusses the existential loneliness and the denunciation of the liberalism which exists even in individual's privacy. He maintains the polemic to the delight of the medias. Michel Houellebecq gives a very important place to his essayist work and intervenes in both national and international medias. 

Enrique Vila-Matas

Spanish novelist and essayist, he was born in Barcelona. Following several collaborations and filmmaking in the cinema, and in the jolts of Franquism, he decides to settle in Paris where he writes several novels and meets Marguerite Duras and Copi. Back in Barcelona, he publishes many works and put in evidence his traditional antic style of writing, in which he exerces his virtuosity and his irony, featuring real or fictional beings. In 2016, as part of the movie EL dia de la Sipia, he becomes an actor and meets Miquel Barcelo.

Gérard Garouste 

Painter, engraver and sculptor internationally known, Gérard Garouste's works are exposed in the greatest museum in the world. "For a long time I was only a sum of questions. Today, I am not a wise, I am not cured, I am a painter" (L'intranquille, L'iconoclaste publihers). This sentence is a summary of his life by the author himself. The study, this way he chooses rather than the provocation, allows him a reflexion about the being and the knowledge.

Catherine Millet

Catherine Millet is a french writer and art critic, producer and director of the Art Press magazine. She became famous after the autobiographique publishing of La Vie sexuelle de Catherine M., book in which she tells by a clinical and deconsecrated way her sexual life. She is also a publisher, especially of a photo book Légendes de Catherine Millet by his companion Jacques Henric which made the headlines. She is also author of several books about contemporary art and of critical essays dedicated to Yves Klein or Salvador Dali's life.

Kennet Goldsmith

After a very dense artistic career, this american creates the website Ubuweb in which he militates for a write without writing. Theorist, but also poet and adept of conceptual art, his texts are developed according to new installation and diffusion forms in part with new numerical technologies. He is one of the champions of a recent movement of Poetry post internet, forms used by search engines which use it as raw material.

Bertrand Lavier

“The fact of bringing together images is as important as creating ones". All the work of this plastic contemporary french artist verify this maxim as a worthy Marcel Duchamp's successor. Bertrand Lavier interrogates the relationships between art and the everyday life as well as the nature of the work of art with everyday life objects. Painting, sculpture, everyday life objects are his favorite field to make his art evolve.

Matali Crasset

A versatility in an eclectic universe, craft, electronic music, allow her to be the origin of numerous achievements among which the industrial space design. Matali Crasset developed since the eighty's a work which explores very various areas, from scenography to furniture, from graphisme to interior architecture. Questioning the evidence of codes of our everyday life, she develops her sens of liberty in order to get away from it.

Jacques Henric

«As ferocious and precarious the real is, it is damn enjoyable to be". - Adorations perpétuelles (Seuil, 1994). Can we define Jacques Henric with this sentence ? Essayist and novelist, he is the author of fifteen books and collaborate with Art Press, ruled par Catherine Millet. Previously, he collaborated to the magazine Les Lettres Françaises ruled by Aragon. Jacques Henric occupy a singular place in the contemporary literary world. This fondator and polemist spirit gives him a writing which plays on several registers.

Julien Carreyn

Erecting the vintage and even the outmoded as a massive seduction weapon in a time where the digital is king, Julien Carreyn, drawer, painter and photograph shakes our age by looking the perfect concatenation of images. He produces a corpus of images (photos and drawings), exploring vary different territories such as erotic comics, manga, childish illustrations for his desire for imagination and aestheticism. His images evoke a disappeared past engulfed in the waves of remembrance.

Book Jury
Film Jury
Jean-Hubert Martin
President of the Jury

Former Centre Pompidou director, art historian and expository commissioner, he works through his professional career to the enlargement of the look put on both the contemporary art and the instauration of a speech between cultures.

Charles de Meaux
President of the Jury

Movie director and artist, he is one of the first to have worked about the space between plastic art and cinema. In 2002, Charles de Meaux (especially with Mathieu Copeland) has initiated "Anna Sanders Film World Tour".

Chiara Parisi

Cultural programs director at the Monnaie de Paris, she has organized in 2013 "La Nuit des Musées" and "La Nuit Blanche" de Paris.

Mathieu Copeland

Expository commissioner and publisher, Mathieu Copeland lives and works in London. He especially organized the exhibitions Vides at the Centre Pompidou and at the Kunsthalle Bern in 2009, Soundtrack for an Exhibition and Alan Vega at the Contemporary Art Museum of Lyon, as well as Expart-Art Center - EAC at the ICA of London, at the Contemporary Art Museum of Lyon, at the Sztuki Lodz Museum, at the CAC Vilnius, Kunstihoone Tallinn and at Bizart Shangai. He also has been part of the 9e Bienne of Contemporary art of Lyon's commissioners. In 2002, Mathieu Copeland (especially with Charles de Meaux) initiated "Anna Sanders Films World Tour". 

Olivier Gabet

Art historian and french museum curator, he starts to work in 2005 at the City of Paris Modern Art Museum. Then he is responsible of the decorative art collections at the Musée d'Orsay and teach at the Louvre school. In 2008, he leads the Louvre Abu-Dhabi project before he became in 2013 the Paris decorative art museum's director. 

Catherine Derosier-

She is since 1986 producer of culturel or artist's movies, in public or pivate sectors. She was also journalist at the magazine Cinéma in the eighties with a topic about video creation. She teach the producer job and the fundamentals of the production at the Paris VIII University and in several professional schools Since fourteen years, she has the responsibility of the production of the Musée du Louvre's films.

Marco Velardi

Editor-in-chief  of the journal Apartamento

Jean-Pierre Devilliers

After the obtention of a degree of cinema about the young german cinema of the sixties, Jean-Pierre Devilliers discovers the televisual wold as a freelance cameraman. The Canal + creative euphoria brings him to the putting pictures of TV shows about cinema and his first documentary about Béatrice Dalle, Patrice Leconte, David Lynch, Emir Kusturica, Juliette Binoche, Catherine Deneuve, Claude Sautet, etc… Will then follow a documentary TV show with Philippe Labro for France Television about Romy Schneider, James Dean, Dalida, Serge Gainsbourg, Grace Kelly, Ernest Hemingway, Jacques Brel and Marylin Monroe. A few years later, the visual writing of sociologic and historic documentaries will incite it to go back to the painting and cinema by the process of film making.




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